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Makila Zapirain - 2

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Zapirain and the Makila


My first family memories were already associated to the Basque mount and traditions, when my grandfather, Patxiku Zapirain, passed on me the love for nature and the passion for craftsmanship. His ironwork allowed me to learn more about metal forging and engraving, which would later drive me on crafting makilas by learning from the most prestigious masters in the art of making them. Afterwards, it gave me the opportunity to devote myself to the job professionally.


Descended from several generations of artisans in various fields, such as smithy, carving or forging, my family has been able to pass on their knowledge to me to the present day. So, I carry on the tradition and responsibility of providing the highest quality, making makilas by hand in the traditional way, as shown in the finish of all my works.

Patxiku Zapirain